How to Change Text Case in MS Word

You can easily change the text case in your document by following the steps given below;

  • Select the text you want to change
  • In Home tab locate the Font group
  • Click the drop-down arrow in ‘Change Case’ button
  • It displays text case menu
  • Select the desired case with a left click

The case menu offers four options;

Sentence case: It capitalizes the first letter of each sentence.

Lowercase: It changes the text from uppercase to lowercase.

Uppercase: It capitalizes all the all letters of your text.

Capitalize Each Word: It capitalizes the first letter of each word.

Toggle Case: It allows you to shift between two case views, e.g. to shift between Capitalize Each Word and cAPITALIZE eACH wORD .

See the image:

MS Word How to change text case in ms word 1

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