How To Insert Stock Chart Within Excel

When creating a stock chart, it is important to have a data that looks like this:


data table

Note: Depending on the kind of stock chart, you could rather label the data with high, low, and closing price, or volume traded, high, low, and closing price. You could also use volume, open, high, low, and the closing.

1. Mark just the open, high, low and close columns (1), and click on Quick analysis (2).

mark few columns

2. Click charts (1), and then press More (2).

more charts

3. Click all charts (1), stock (2), choose chart (3), and press ok (4).

choose stock chart

4. Right click on legends (1), and click select data (2).

select data

5. Click edit on horizontal.

edit horizontal

6. Choose stock’s names and press ok.

stock name

7. Press ok.

click ok

In the end, we would have created a chart that looks like this:

Stock Chart Excel


You can download the Template here – Download
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