Chart with combo box

In this Excel tutorial you will teach yourself how to insert chart with combo box. Prepare table of tableCopy and paste a list of arguments (countries in my example) to another column. You will need it soon.

list of arguments

Go to the ribbon to the Developer tab. Insert a combo box using VBA controls.

ribbon insert combo box

Right click your combo box and select Format Control.

format control

Set Properties of your combobox. Input range are your values from the list you created at the beginning. Set also a Cell link wherever you want.

Format Control Properties

Cell link is here. There will be a value you will need for your chart.

Value cell link

Combo box works since here. You can try it out. In the cell link there will be a value 1 – 4. It depends on country you will choose.

Copy first column of your table and paste it below.

column pasted below

In B column header (B16 in my example) write this formula: =INDEX(list_of_countries, cell_link). In my example it is =INDEX(P3:P6;B14)

In B17 write another formula down. It is =VLOOKUP(product_name, data_table, cell_link + 1, FALSE). Here it is =VLOOKUP(A17;$A$3:$E$12;$B$14+1;FALSE)

Next drag and drop this formula down. This way you created a new table with same data such in table.

data table below

Almost everything is done. Next you will create a chart.

Highlight your table with sales data but only A and B column.

highlight two columns

Go to the ribbon and create a column chart. This is how it looks like.

Chart with combobox ready

Your combo box works. Go there and change a value from drop-down list. Your chart will change like mine here.

Chart with combobox works

Finally your chart with combo box is ready.


You can download the Template here – Download
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