Min/Average/Max column Chart in Excel

In this Article we will create the Min/Average/Max column Charts in Excel. We have to create some data for the same. Please find below the sales data for a week for 6 items:


data tableLet us insert 3 rows for Max, Min And Avg Values:rows for max min and avg values

Now we have to use formulas to calculate the Max, Min And Average as shown below:

  • Max: =MAX(B5:B11)
  • Min: =Min(B5:B11)
  • Avg: =Average(B5:B11)

formulas to calculate Max Min And Average

round average formula

max formula

min formula

Now we have the Max, Min And Avg data for all items. Lets create the column chart now.

Select this data:

select data

Create 2d column chart:

Create 2d column chart

It will create the chart as shown below:

basic chart

So for Each item we have the Max(blue), Min(grey) and Average(Orange) bars as shown.

We can also convert this to line chart if required as well. Right click on chart Area and select “change chart type”

change chart type


You can download the Template here – Download
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