Slope Graph Chart In Excel

This is the lesson about how to insert Slope Graph in Excel. You, and I are going to create a slope graph chart together, in a simple step-by-step format. Please note that Microsoft Excel 2013 was used for this step-by-step instruction on creating the slope graph chart.

Slope Graph could be useful for you when you need to show the data which increase (of decrease) in time.

To create Slope Graph in Excel you need to layout your data first.

layout data

Select the data.

mark data

Click insert (1), and click on line chart (2).

insert line chart

Click on Design tab (1), and Switch Row/Column (2)

switch row column

On design tab (1), click on Quick Layout (2), and choose layout (3).

quick layout

Click on the lines (1), and delete it.

delete lines

Click on y axis (1), and press delete on keyboard. Repeat the step with axis title showing beside the y axis, and chart title.

delete axis

Right click on one of the series (1), and click on format data labels (2).

format data labels

Click on label options (1), chart symbol (2), label options (3), and all you need to do is check value (4).

check value

Note: Show leader Lines is already marked. You should leave it like that.

Double click on data label that are overlapping or need to be moved to create space for overlapping values (1), and move it so all labels and value shows.

move labels

Click on all the soft edges (1), and press delete on your keyboard.

soft edge

Your Slope graph chart will look like this:

slop graph chart


You can download the Template here – Download
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