Analysis ToolPak Add-in

By following these steps, you will be able to use Analysis toolPak add-in:Go to File on top left corner of the Excel. File has green color as a background. Click Add-ins (1), and then Ok (2).manage addins go

Note: This is under the assumption that Excel Add-ins is showing beside the Go in this instruction.

Check Analysis ToolPak (1), and then press ok (2).

addins ok

Click Data (1), and Data Analysis is showing on the right side (2).

ribbon data

Choose an Data Analysis tool (1), which is the kind of analysis you would like to make, and press ok (2).

choose analysis tool

Highlight the cells you want to analysis (1), choose how you want to group the range (2), check the labels in first row (3), then choose an output options (4), and click ok (5).

highlight cells

In conclusion, we have used the tool Analysis ToolPak to do an Anova: Single Factor, which looks like this:

annova single factor

Note: As you could see in the formula bar, the #DIV/0 does not have anything to do with an error in the analysis, same goes for the #NUM!


You can download the Template here – Download
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