Timeline Chart In Excel

A timeline chart is useful when for example managing a project. You will learn how to insert a timeline chart.

But first you need data that look something like this:


Without marking anything, click insert tab (1), click on 2D chart (2), and choose 2-D bar (3).

ribbon insert 2d bar chart

Click on Design (1), and then on Select Data (2).

design select data

Press Add.

select data source add

Name the series (1), and click on the red arrow beside values (2).

edit series red arrow

Select all the cells under that series name (1), and close it (2).

select cells close it

Repeat on the Duration, and then press ok.

repeat duration

Right click on the x axis, and choose select data.

right click axis

Click Edit.

select data source edit

Choose all the Task/Action (1), and press ok (2).

axis labels ok

Press ok again.

press ok again

Right click on the x axis, and choose format axis.

right click axis

Click on the chart symbol (1), axis options (2), and Categories in reverse order (3).

categories in reverse order

Right click on the starts series in the chart, and click on format data series.

format data series

Choose the bucket (1), and then no fill (2).

no fill

The Timeline Chart is ready and looking like this:

timeline chart example


You can download the Template here – Download
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