Power Query in Excel

In this article we will learn to install a very useful feature of Excel which is known as Power Query. Getting started with Power Query has multiple steps. But, for the sake of eliminating confusion, let’s say we’d have nothing. Therefore, we’d need to begin from the beginning.

It is an extra tool which can installed in the same way we add onther Add-ins.We can download the add_in from the following link (1), and choose a desired language (2), then press download (3).


You will have to choose the version as per your Excel installation (32 bit or 64 bit). Wait for it to download, and then install it.

Open Microsoft Excel, and click File.

click file

Click Options.

click options

Click on Add-ins (1), Browse manager to COM Add-ins (2), and then press Go (3).

com addins

Check the Microsoft Power Query for Excel (1), and then press Ok (2).

click ok

Now, click on Power Query (1), then choose any options in the Get External Data (2).

get external data

Note: This tutorial article uses online search that is also in the Get External Data.

Write something relevant to search (1), and click on search (2).

online search

Note: You could now click on the result, and choose the kind of data you would like to display. This is just one example of how to use the Power Query, as there are a lot of other ways to use it.


You can download the Template here – Download
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