How To Link Two Documents To Each Other In Excel

Linking different Excel files to each other is what we will be doing together.

1. Create, and save two different Excel files.

two files

Note: Skip this step, if you already have two files available. You should also have these two files open.

2. Open the document, which you want to link another one to. In our case, the Shipping Price.

open first file

3. Copy and paste the product’s names from product’s price.

copy and paste

4. Click under Total (1), type =B5+C5 (2), then press enter.

click under total

Note: If instead you have quantities instead of Shipping fees in column C, then use multiple, rather than plus.

5. Double click on the small square of the result gotten from previous step.

double click small square

6. Go to product Price document, click on first cell under Product’s price, and press CTRL + C on your computer (alt. ⌘ + c, if you are using Mac).

go to second file

7. Go to the other document.

other document

8. Right click on the cell under Price (1), and choose paste special (2).

paste special

9. Click paste link Important

paste link

Note: You must repeat copy and paste special steps on all the cells in price column.

In conclusion, when the other document changes, this would update this document. For instance, if the price in product price.xlxs changes, it would instantly update the cell in shipping price.xlxs.

Linking documents is often used in business for files which let managers to prepare reports. That’s why they don’t have to go to files which employees use.


You can download the Template here – Download
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