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Excelity is an online portal for Employee Self Service. It can be accessed with a unique PIN and password, but you must be a registered user. It reduces the human effort to manage by automating various functionalities using it.

Excelity is a cloud HCM (Human Capital Management) solution that runs on the web. It helps organizations to manage and operate all employee data through it. Excelity helps the users to make the work easy and handy.

In this tutorial of Excelity web portal, we will give the best information that we have about Excelity. We will try to brief every single detail about this Excelity web portal, which help you to understand and use it easily.

About Excelity Global

Excelity global is one of the largest HCM (Human Capital Management) service providers in Asia that is working with 500+ clients. Some Excelity global clients are NASSCOM, Forbes, Adobe, QBE, Uber, and many more. Its payroll delivery partners are set up in various countries, such as – India, China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Philippines.

You must be grateful after knowing that Excelity is now a Global, India, and Asia Pacific’s largest payroll service provider. It has been appointed as a payroll and benefits outsourcing partner.

Excelity global offers the latest HRMS process. It is a leading HR outsourcing service partner in the region. Excelity has around 22 years of experience, and its headquarter is in Singapore.

Services offered by Excelity

Excelity offers the following services to the users. The registered users can take the benefits of these services.

  1. Employee Data Management
  2. Payroll
  3. Retiral Benefits

Below is detailed information about these services.

Employee Data Management

By using this service of Excelity, you can manage the employee’s personal information, time and attendance, leave administration (like, Overtime and shift rostering), and compensation details of your employees. Almost every single detail of the employees.


Through the payroll service, you can operate the payroll details of your employees. Payroll details like –

Payroll database administration, salary-related process, year-end activities, Zero to gross and gross to net processing, company-specific and compliance reporting, and many more.

These all the above are required tasks that come under the payroll system.

Retiral benefits

Excelity Global also enables its users to manage the retiral benefits of the employees. Retrial benefits usually include provident fund, gratuity, superannuation administration.

Retiral benefits that manage by Excelity are-

  • Database administration
  • Investment
  • Record keeping
  • Statutory and regulatory compliances
  • Accounting and audit facilitation
  • Taxation and transaction processing

Excelity browser support

  • Excelity web portal requires the latest browser to be run. The browser can be Internet Explorer (IE version 8 or higher), Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox
  • Excelity works best when 128 SSL encryption, JavaScript, and cookies are enabled.

Advantages of using Excelity

The Excelity user will get the following advantages on using Excelity –

  1. Proprietary technology
  2. Mobile Accessibility
  3. Account Management and Governance
  4. Integrating reporting and analytics

Get speed up with Excelity

Excelity helps the users to get speed up by automating and outsource the work with it. It offers Excelity Cloud solutions, Excelity Managed Services, and Excelity HCM and Payroll Services.

Excelity Cloud solutions – Ezpayroll

If you are worried that payroll management consumes all your time, free up your HR from the strategic function and automate the payroll services with the help of Excelity.

Excelity Managed Services – Outsource

In case compliances are becoming an issue, it can be managed by outsourcing the work. Compliances and Payroll can be operated by adhering to country-specific regulations.

Excelity HCM and Payroll Services – Streamline

Last but not least Excelity HCM and Payroll Service. Employee’s data is not so easy to manage efficiently and getting out of hand. Excelity makes this easy for you as well. Excelity allows streamlining the data.

On behalf of you, the Excelity web portal will manage all the data of the organization’s employees that do not require human expertise. From hire to retire, digitize operations, and all.

How to log in with Excelity

To login into Excelity, firstly, you have to register yourself. Once you get registered, you can avail all the services offered by Excelity software.

Excelity enables two platforms to login with it.

  • As an Employee
  • As an Admin

Both Employee and Admin have different responsibilities and work environments. Besides this, you can login to Excelity global with a username and password. Take a look for the login interface of Excelity –

Excelity login

Problem while creating an account with Excelity

One thing that should be noticed that the user must be an employee of them to use Excelity software. Only then you can log into this software. It means you should be a member of the organization. A person who is not part of the organization cannot create an account and login to on it.

You can access it from anywhere using your credentials provided by the company.

However, Excelity global allows to recover the User ID, Pin, and password if the user lost the credentials. But the password sends to the registered mail id.

Home Interface of Excelity

It is the home interface of Excelity, which also contains some information on it along with the LOG ON tab. Using this link (, you can go to the Excelity web portal.

Excelity login

Here, by clicking on the LOG ON button, you can login to the Excelity web portal with your credentials. By logging on, you have to agree with the term & conditions of Excelity.

Excelity login

This is the login Interface of Excelity.

Excelity login

Reset password/Unlock account

Excelity users can reset the password or unlock the account. Here is the interface for it.

Excelity login

Enter the following needed information in these 4 given fields and reset the password. All are mandatory fields.

Forget PIN & password

Excelity users can also reset their PIN and password by entering three authenticated details.

Excelity login

You will get your PIN and password through your registered email id.

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