How To Remove Green Triangles From Cells In Excel

In this lesson you will learn how to turn off green triangles which sometimes shows in the left corner of cell. It will make your spreadsheet more professional and save a lot of your time.

About green triangles

This is the possibility of an error in a cell. But what if they show and you are sure than everything is ok? You should remove these green triangles.

How to remove green triangles?

This is a sample report. It isn’t professional because of these triangles.

Excel Green Triangles

To remove green triangles from your spreadsheet go to Ribbon. Click File > Options.

Ribbon File Options

Next select Formulas in the left sidebar.

Excel Options Formulas

To turn green triangles off untick checkbox Enable background error checking.

Excel Error Checking

Green triangles disappeared from your report.

Excel Green Triangles Removed

TIP – How to disable checking rules in Excel?

You don’t have to disable Error checking at all. You can also disable some checking rules eg. Formulas referring to empty cells.

Excel Error Checking Rules


You can download the Template here – Download
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