Project Cost Estimation Template In Excel

Every project manager has to take care about cost of project. Use this to calculate it within Excel.


1. Enter data into Excel regarding project cost.
data table

2. Calculate total of each stage by using sum formula. Then drag it horizontally to get the sum of other columns.

total of each

3. Revise step two for stage 2 total.

total for stage two

4. Now, add another column of total cost per unit, which includes all horizontal additions.

add another column

5. Make two more rows below this table:

add rows

6. Enter the no of units in the cell corresponding to units to be produced. Then, multiply units to be produced by total cost per units (both highlighted in the red in the following screen shot). This is your total cost of production.

project costs estimation

This is how to estimate project costs in Excel.


You can download the Template here – Download
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