Chart with filtered data

In this Article we will learn to create graphs which can be handled by data filters to look more easy and customizable. Let us create a chart data for 2 products with different categories.We have the cost and profit values in this chart. Convert this data to tables to make it more accessible.table

The table looks like follows:

data table

Create a chart from the same now:

chart with clustered column

The chart will look like this:

basic chart

Now we can easily filter the category as shown below:

filter category

After filtering the graph will look like this:

filtering the graph

We can also try to remove a product from the list of products. Please note that this is a small table but for more number of products and more categories it will be very handy to filter the table and how it reflects on the charts instantly:

remove the product

Product disappeared from the chart:

chart with removed product

We can insert slicer like this also:

insert slicer

This is how slicers look like:

chart slicer

It will very easy to click on the slicer values instead of the filtering:

chart click slicer



You can download the Template here – Download
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