How To Create A Chart With Floating Bars

Quite interesting kind of chart in this Excel tutorial. Here you will teach yourself how to create floating bars and put them into your chart.

1. Consider the data set for chart.

data set

2. Select all the data set. Go to the ribbon. Click Insert and in Column option select 2D Stacked Column.

2D Stacked column

3. Then a chart window will appear like below. Now for make it floating bars chart, right click on the lower shaded part. Select Format Data Series option.

Format Data Series

4. On selecting data series option, a window will appear like this below. Choose Fill option from left hand side and select No Fill.

Format Data Series

5. After step 4 the bars in the chart window become floating bars like shown in fig below. Now in tool bar under Layout option select Data Labels. Choose Center.

Data Labels

6. Here you go with the chart with floating bars. You can use is for timeline presentations about some process results. It looks much better when values increasing like in the example below.

chart with floating bars ready


You can download the Template here – Download
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