Chart with a lot of data in Excel

In this Article we will create charts with lots of data. We will start with the simple chart creation and then we will more to charts with large data in it. Lets us start with creating simple data for a small chart:large data setLet’s create a chart for these 10 products. Select this data and from insert select 2d column chart:Insert column chartThis chart looks easy to understand. Now the problem arises if the number of products are large say 200 products. With 200 products the chart will look like this:

large data set column chart

It is not understandable so we can do some tricks to make it look better. First we can switch rows and columns in cart and will check the results:

switch rows and columns

Now the chart looks more understandable.

large data set column chart switched

We can also do more tricks like removing some months to say create quarterly charts.

quarterly charts

Similarly we can create pivot table to make the data more readable and create pivot charts for the same etc.:


You can download the Template here – Download
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