Butterfly Chart in Excel

The insertion of a Butterfly, which is also known as tornado chart, is going to be done in a simple step-by-step format, without any complications. But first, you need this kind of data:data

How to create Butterfly Chart?

Click on any part of the data (1), insert (2), and bar chart (3), then stacked bar (4).

insert stacked bar

Click on Design.

ribbon design

Click on Add chart element (1), Legends (2), and Top (3).

add legend top

Right click on one of the series (1), and Select Data (2).

right click select data

Click on the arrows to sort the series Padding South, South, Gap, North, and Padding North (1), and press ok (2).

sort series

Right click on padding North (1), and click on no fill (2).

Right click padding North

Click on no fill.

no fill

Note: You should repeat previous steps on Gap, and Padding north series.

Right click on the gap (1), add data labels twice (2 & 3).

add data labels

Right click on gap (1), and choose Format Data Labels (2).

format data labels

Check category name (1), and uncheck values (2).

category name value uncheck

Right click on the x axis (1), and choose format axis (2).

format axis

Click labels (1), and choose “None” in the labels position (2).

labels position

Click on the line, and press delete.

delete line

Click on Padding North, Gap, and Padding South, and then press delete.

delete padding

Stretch the legends, so both south, and North is showing on their sides.

stretch legend

In conclusion, you can keep working on the chart as you please.

butterfly chart example


You can download the Template here – Download
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