How To Sort By More Than Three Columns In Excel

The sorting of more than three columns can easily be performed, but at first you need a data that looks like this:


data table1. Click on first cell of the data (manager).


click first cell

2. Click on Data (1), and then press sort (2).

ribbon data sort

3. Choose “Year of Employment” in sort by, and then press ok.

Year of Employment

4. Repeat, but in Sort by, choose manager (or the most important column) (1), and then click Add level (2), to choose the second most important column, and then press ok.

add level

Note: Keep repeating this step until you have sorted the columns from most important to least important. It is important to acknowledge that, if for instance cells in a column would exchange position for the sort to take effect, then Excel would ignore them.

After following the steps above, the sort would now look like this:

data sorted


You can download the Template here – Download
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