How To Do The Instant Data Analysis Using Quick Analysis

Quick analysis of a data is possible by following some simple steps. The first thing we’d need is having a data that looks like this:

1. Mark the data with values (1), click on the small chart showing on the right low angle (2), and choose greater than (3).

data table

2. Write the amount you’d like to format, if it is greater than that specified amount (1), and then press ok (2).

write amount

3. Click under the last row, and type total (1), and beside it, type =sum(b3:b6) (2). This will show the whole sum on the last row, and now press the small square on the lower right corner, and drag it throughout the columns.

drag total

4. Mark the data beside total (1), click on the small chart beside the data (2), click sparklines (3), and then click the Win/Loss (4).

win loss sparkline

Note: You can do this by first marking all the data with value.

5. You can now check the values you’d like to be visible, on the win/loss.

check visible values

Note: If the values have minus in front, then they would also automatically be negative (showing red).


You can download the Template here – Download
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