Sorting A List Of Words By Character Count In Excel

In this lesson you will learn how to sort words in cells in Excel by character count, eg. from the shortest to the longest.

Excel lets to sort data not only alphabetically but also based on cell colour or font colour. Probably you didn’t know but you can also sort based on count of characters. To do this you will need some data. Let the picture below to be the example.


Sort Character Count Table

In the B column write formula which refers to value in A column. In B2 formula will be:


Sort Character Count Formula

Drag the formula down.

Sort Character Count Drag

Now you see count of characters of words in A column in B column.

Sort Character Count Value

Next highlight whole table and go to Ribbon > Data > Sort. Tick My data has headers and sort by Character Count Smallest to Largest.

Sort Character Count Sort

Excel sorted your words from shortest to longest.

Sort Character Count


You can download the Template here – Download
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