Ogive Charts In Excel

When inserting an Ogive (Cumulative Frequency) chart, the first thing you need is a data like this:


data table1. Write ages on an empty column (1), and write the last numbers in the ages (2).ages

2. On an empty column, write Cumulative Frequency

3. Click under the Cumulative Frequency, and type =B4, which is the value under Frequency in column B.

Cumulative Frequency

4. Click under the result from previous result (1), and type =B5+B4.

click below

Note: Follow this step on the rest, by typing

  • =SUM(B6: B4 beside 50, 
  • =SUM(B7:B4) beside 65,
  • =SUM(B8:B4) beside 80, and
  • =SUM(B9:B4) beside 95.

5. Choose two cells under ages and cumulative frequency, right click on them (1), and choose insert (2).

choose insert

6. Choose shift cells down (1), and press ok (2).

shift cells down

7. Put 0 under the cumulative frequency (1), and choose a number that rhymes with the ages under ages (2).

Note: We choose 5, because it makes it rhymes with the rest of numbers in the same column.

8. Highlight all the rows in both ages and cumulative frequency.

Highlight rows

9. Click insert (1), choose scatter chart (2), and choose scatter chart with marker (3).

insert scatter chart

In conclusion, we have created a chart that looks like this:

ogive chart ready


You can download the Template here – Download
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