List Box in Excel VBA

In this Excel tutorial you will teach yourself how to create a List Box.

Begin from creating a list of items which you want to put into List Box.

List for list box

Next select all items and name it. type the name into Name Box (such in the picture below) and press Enter.

Here you can learn how to define name.

Name range

Since now your items will name List.

List name Range

Go to the ribbon. Make sure that Developer tab is visible. Click it. Select Insert and click List Box control.

Here you can learn how to enable Developer tab.

ribbon add control

Draw a List Box control within your worksheet.

List Box drown

Right click your inserted List Box and select Format Control option.

Format control

Go to the Control tab. Into Input Range field type the name of your Name Range you prepared before.

Input Range Format Control

I selected Multi for Selection Type. You can do it as well.

Ready List Box looks like in the picture below.

List Box inserted to worksheet

Tip: You can also create a Button. It may help you. For example this Button can add new elements to the List Box.


You can download the Template here – Download
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