Funnel Chart


In this lesson you will learn how to create funnel chart in Excel.

When to use Funnel Chart?

A funnel chart is typically used to present value in flows and processes. In terms of display, it is related to the pie chart. This graph can be shown with segment height / width or with a segment area proportional to the data. You can also draw a graph with equal height / width segments, disregarding data points.

How to create Funnel Chart in Excel?

Funnel is chart type which can be used for sales data presenting. Funnel chart can display stages of sales progress or potential of sales in the future. It can be also just way to show sales report.

To insert funnel chart you need data. Let it be just sales report. It should looks like this. Remember to sort data descending.

Data to Funnel Chart Excel

Next go to Ribbon > Insert > Column > 100% Stacked Cone

Insert Funnel Chart Ribbon

Chart looks like in the pictures below.

First Step Funnel Chart

Click one of the columns. Go to Ribbon > Design > and click Switch Row/Column

Ribbon Switch Row Column

Chart changed. Now it looks more like pyramid chart than funnel chart.

Funnel Chart Pyramid

Next click Ribbon > Layout > 3-D Rotation

Excel 3D rotation

Dialog box appears. Change rotation of X and Y to 0.

Funnel Chart change ratation

That’s how the chart should looks like. It’s still pyramid. Few more steps and it will turn into funnel chart.

Excel Pyramid Chart

Go to Ribbon again. Layout > Axes > Primary Vertical Axis > More Primary Vertical Axis Options. In the dialog box tick Values in reverse order.

Values in reverse order

There is something more to do in the Ribbon:

Layout > Axes > Primary Horizontal Axis > None

Layout > Axes > Primary Vertical Axis > None

Layout > Gridlines > Primary Horizontal Gridlines > None

Layout > Data Labels > More Data Label Options > tick Series Name and Value

Now the Funnel Chart is ready.

Excel Funnel Chart

Isn’t it beautiful? It is really easy to create funnel chart in Excel… but if you are really lazy.


You can download the Template here – Download
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