Excel password remover

As the name implies, Excel password remover removes the password from the Excel workbook and Excel worksheet. A password remover can remove password only from those Excel worksheets on which the protection is applied through Protect worksheet or Protect workbook command in Excel.

Several Excel password remover tools available on the internet that offers several other functionalities to Excel users. You can choose any of them wisely which you prefer the most. Remember that – Excel does not provide any built-in tool or mechanism to remove the lost password.

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss a detailed description of Excel password remover, such as – where and how to use it and more.

Why password remover?

When an Excel worksheet is protected, it is unable to edit. It means that the protected worksheet cannot be modified and the user cannot make any change without unprotecting it. If the user loses or forgets the password; the file cannot be recovered.

In Excel, there is no mechanism to recover the forgotten password. Also, there is no way to remove the password from the unprotected file in MS Excel, if you forget/lost the password.

Excel password removers come with the solution to remove the protected worksheet password to make it editable again and recover it.

Tips about password remover

  1. Each password remover works on active worksheets. So, make sure the target Excel sheet is opened.
  2. It can remove any type of password, like character, alphanumeric, or a password containing special characters.
  3. For personal use, its free version is available. Whereas, PRO version is specially designed for business users or users who want some extra functionality.
  4. Several vendors offer password remover apps or online tools to remove passwords from the Excel workbook.

Excel password remover

We are recommending few Excel password remover tools that we are going to elaborate in this chapter –

  1. Straxx password remover
  2. Remove password online
  3. Password Find
  4. LostMyPass
  5. Password online
  6. ASPOSE online Excel password remover

1.Straxx password remover

Straxx password remover ( is a tool that a user can use to unlock the Excel file and make it editable. It can remove passwords of any pattern and length. Straxx password remover offers two versions of Excel password remover. One is free version and another is PRO version of Excel password remover.

We will suggest you to go for the free version if you don’t want any advanced functionality.

Pros: Straxx password remover offers a free version to use for personal use. However, it provides a limited functionality.

Cons: To use this Straxx tool to remove the password, you have to pay for it.

2.Remove password online

Similar to Straxx, it is also an online password recovery tool for Excel worksheets. It is a useful software that helps us to remove the Excel worksheet password online. Click here to go for this remove password online.

To recover a password-protected Excel file, you can upload the targeted document to its online server and begin decrypting the protected document. It decrypts your password-protected document and makes it available for the users to download it.

You must know that it is a paid software. It means that – you have to pay 10 USD to download the decrypted document.

Pros: It is free to use if the file is not decrypted.

Cons: It is the biggest drawback of this tool that – it does not support the newer versions of Excel, such as Excel 2013, 16, and 19.

3. Password-Find

Password-Find is another Excel file that provides the services to the users to unprotect an Excel worksheet online. Additionally, it can also remove the password from Word documents, Powerpoint presentations, as well as from VBA projects.

It is a fast tool for removing passwords from protected Excel worksheets.

Pros: It can free to try. But you have to pay $39.95 for one document.

Cons: The file size should not be more than 10 MB.

4. LostMyPass

LostMyPass is a password recovery tool, or you can say password remover tool, which can be used for Excel document password recovery. It is one of the most useable tools. It offers two types of password recovery, i.e., Weak password recovery and Strong password recovery.

  1. Weak password recovery – It is free of cost.
  2. Strong password recovery- For strong password recovery, you have to pay a specified amount.

After removing the password, you will be able to edit your protected Excel workbook/worksheet.

Pros: Using weakly password recovery, you can recover your password at free of cost. It takes less time.

Cons: There is one drawback as well. If the password is not able to recover by weak password recovery, you need to use “Strong password recovery”. For which, you have to pay some amount that is not cheap.

It has one limitation that the targeted Excel file size should not be more than 100 MB.

5. Password-online

There are several softwares available on the internet to recover your locked and protected Excel worksheet and remove the password from it. So, the file becomes editable again.

Password-online is another password recovery software on which you can remove the password of your protected Excel worksheet and make it editable again. Upload your targeted file here and decrypt the file.

This tool can run online without downloading it to your system.

Pros: Similar to another password remover tool, it is also free. Password-online tool can remove the password without any complexity in very less time.

Cons: It does not work with all versions of Excel. It supports only Excel 97, 2000, and 2003.

6. ASPOSE online Excel password remover

ASPOSE ( is an online Excel password remover tool. It allows the users to remove the password online by uploading their targeted file here. So, by using this software password remover tool online, you do not need to download it on your system. It is free of cost.

Upload your password-protected file on the following ASPOSE website link and remove the password.

Pros: You do not need to download the tool on your system. You can use it online.

Cons: ASPOSE helps to remove passwords from anywhere by using this tool online with MS-Excel, but it requires current password.

Excel Password remover conclusion

If the password remover tool works as required and the file becomes unprotected, your data can be recovered and available to you. Excel does not provide any built-in tool or mechanism to remove the lost password. So, these third-party tools help the Excel user to remove the password from the protected file.

When an Excel file is locked/protected, you can only read it and even cannot copy the data. So, if by using any of these online softwares, your file becomes unprotected, your data will be recovered as well.

However, you can also face the data loss or data theft problems while using the password removing software.

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