Combining Data from Multiple Sheets into one file

Combining data from multiple spreadsheets is extremely useful. There are different motivations to its usefulness, and with some steps, it would be done. But first, you’d need to have data in multiple spreadsheets, and they would look something like this:1. Click Data (1), and then on consolidate (2).


data table2. Choose the function you’d like (1), and then click on the cells symbol (2).data consolidate

3. Click on spreadsheet (sheet1).

click sheet

4. Mark all the data (1), and then click expand (2).

mark data

5. Click Add.

consolidate add

Note: repeat step 2 – 4 for the other spreadsheets. Then remember to check on where you would like to have the labels. You should also make sure that the spreadsheet you are following these steps on is empty.


You can download the Template here – Download
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