Check box in Excel

In this lesson you will learn how to insert check box to the worksheet In Excel. Check box enables or disables a value indicating alternatives with a specific meaning. In the worksheet or in a group box you can tick more than one box at a time. The check box can be used, for example in the order form containing a list of available products or inventory tracking application to indicate whether a particular product has been discontinued. Go to the Ribbon > Developer tab.


Developer TabClick Insert and select a form control check box and place it on the sheet.insert Check Box

By right-clicking on a control you can edit the name of the button, the assigned macro, and other parameters. Click the Format Control.

Checkbox Format Control

You will see a window object formatting. Go to the tab control fill in the cell link pointing to a cell in the spreadsheet link eg C2 and click OK.

Checkbox Cell Connected

You connected a link to cell C2, which according to click on a checkbox appears logical value “TRUE” or “FALSE”.


Checkbox false


Checkbox true

To handle such a logical value eg to display text information you can use IF function formula:



You can download the Template here – Download
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