Chart with multiple series

Sometimes it may be difficult to create a chart with multiple series of data. This Excel tutorial will teach you how to handle with that situations. Consider the data with multiple data with multiple data seriesHighlight data. Go to ribbon. Under Insert option select Scatter chart with lines option.Scatter chart with lines

Now you will have the chart window as shown below.

chart which needs change

As you can see in last step all lines clotted at one place. To separate them, right click on any line and select Format Data Series option.

Format Data Series

A window will appear like shown below. Select Secondary Axis.

Secondary Axis

Now repeat for all the lines of data (if needed).

repeat for all lines

To set the axis of the chart, select the right side scale and right click and select Format Axis as shown below.

Format Axis

Now a window will appear like shown below. In Axis Option set the Maximum scale according to the highest value of your data.

edit maximum value

Here you go with the chart with multiple series.

chart with multiple series ready


You can download the Template here – Download
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