Chart with Arrows in Excel

In this Article we will create the Excel chart with arrows. To create the chart with arrows we must start with creating some sales data and then we will create a simple chart from the same. Please find below the sales data for 7 days of a week for a company. It will look like this is an Excel spreadsheet:

sales data

Now we will create a simple bar chart from the Excel file as shown below. Select the entire data:

select sales data

From the Insert tab from Excel, select insert column chart:

insert column chart

Select 2d column:

2d column chart

Unselect Day from select data:

unselect day

Chart will look like this now:

basic chart with arrows

Now we will have to convert these columns to arrows. Insert > shapes > arrow:

insert shapes arrows

Drag the space on Excel to draw arrow:

draw arrow

After selecting the arrow press ctrl + c to copy the arrow. Then select all the bars in the chart:

select all bars in chart

After selection just type ctrl + v to paste all the shapes to the bars of the chart and then it will just look like the below arrow chart.

paste arrow to the chart

Then we can remove the extra arrow.


You can download the Template here – Download
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