Chart with a single x-axis but two different ranges

In this Article we will learn to create Excel chart with single x axis but two different ranges.Let us create a simple chart having 2 types of data like day density (range 0 to 20) and percentages (0 to 100%) like below:density data table

Now let us try to create a simple graph from the same. A simple 2d column chart will look like this:

2d column chart

The issue with this chart is that the percentages are treated as decimals and have very low values r columns displayed which are not visible at all.

Let us handle it by creating the secondary axis as follows. Right click on the graph and click change chart type:

change chart type

Select “Combo” chart type. Check secondary axis for percentages:


Right click the axis on the right and click format axis:

format axis

In the axis options change the min and max to 0 to 1.0

axis options

And then change the number format to percentages as follows:

number format percentages


Finally we will have 2 types of axis and the graph looks readable for both Density and percentages:

2 types of axis


You can download the Template here – Download
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