Basic concepts in Excel

In this lesson you can get to know some basic definitions in Excel. There are basic definitions which you must know using Excel:What is Excel?

    • Workbook – the basic document in Excel, typically consists of 3 worksheets. Workbook is a file, it can be saved with a name on your disc.
    • Worksheet – part of workbook which consists of cells organized into columns and rows.
    • Cell – part of the worksheet, which is located at the intersection of column and row.
    • Active Cell – cell selected by the click of a mouse, surrounded by a frame.
    • Address of the cell – this is the name of cell. Address consists of a column and row names, such as the A4 (the address of the cell that is at the intersection of column A and row 4). Each cell has its own address, which is a unique address within the same worksheet.
    • Range – a group of cells. Range in Excel can be: cells in one column, for example, B3: B8, cells in one line, for example, A3: G3, cells with several columns and rows, eg C1: H9.
    • Format – the appearance of the data, the way they are presented in a cell or range of cells. Format consists of for example style (Bold, italic, …), border, background, text alignment, etc.
    • Formulas and functions – all formulas that calculate the value based on the data from cells.

You must know this definitions to fully understand this tutorial.


You can download the Template here – Download
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