How To Use Templates In Excel

Using a template is about choosing the one that perfectly suit the purpose. If you for instance want to do event planning, choose the template that is for event planning. You will learn how to use a template.

Choose the template that perfectly suits you.

choose template

Note: Think creatively, even if you think you don’t see any template that suit your needs. For example, you want to know how to plan for a project trip, you could choose the vacation planner.

Click create after reading what the template it about, to know if it suits your needs.

create template

Focus on the central details, and input your own values.

focus and input

Note: All you need to do is to find the data that controls the whole template, in this case the input (marked area) controls the whole chart details.

In conclusion, the best way to use a template is to find that area, which controls the whole template. Don’t look into how much data it is, as it can be frustrating to keep inputting the data that is not central to the template.


You can download the Template here – Download
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