SSRS vs Power BI

SSRS and Power BI both are the business intelligence tools which is designed to present data to the end-user. Both are part of the Microsoft business intelligence package, and each system is calculated to be used differently.

SSRS vs Power BI

Power BI is a graphical modern reporting tool which has been built upon common web standards.

SSRS has been responsible for the Pixel perfect reports which are often paginated and emailed to individuals.

Before move further, take a glance of SSRS and Power BI.


SSRS stands for SQL Server Reporting Services. It is a reporting tool developed by Microsoft that comes free with the SQL Server. It produces formatted reports with the tables of data, graph, and reports. Reports are hosted on a server and can be configured to run using parameters supplied by users. When we run the reports, the current data appears from the database, XML file, or other data source. It provides the security features that control who can see which reports.

Power BI

Power BI is a Data Visualization, and Business Intelligence tool which helps to convert data from different data sources into interactive dashboards and BI reports. It provides interactive visualizations with self-service business intelligence capabilities where end users can create reports and dashboards by themselves, without having to depend on information technology staff or database administrators.

Power BI provides multiple connectors, software, and services. These services based on the SaaS and mobile Power BI apps which are available for the different platforms. These set of services are used by business users to consume the data and to build BI reports.

Below are some essential differences between the SSRS and Power BI:

S.No SSRS Power BI
1 It requires an SQL Server license. Power BI is free.
2 SSRS is a server-based tool. Power BI is a cloud-based tool.
3 SSRS is conventional and involves manual effort and time to create reports and analysis. Power BI is more modern and graphical.
4 Power BI has Cortana integrated for AI-based natural language, Q&A about your data and reports in Power BI. SSRS does not have this feature.
5 SSRS can only use On-Premise data. Power BI can use data from the cloud.

Some more main differences between the SSRS and Power BI:

Parameters SSRS Power BI
Definition SSRS stands for SQL server reporting services, and It is a product of Microsoft. SSRS is used to analysis of data and generating the reports on server-based data. Power BI stands for power business intelligence, and it is also a product of Microsoft. It is used to analyze and generate the reports from the cloud as well as the server.
History SSRS was introduced in 2004, which provides a unified, server-based, and scalable platform through which all the business reporting needs can be satisfied. Power BI report server is a cloud-based business analytics service introduced in 2017 for analyzing and visualizing data.
License SSRS is a paid device. Power BI is free to use.
Applicability SSRS is used to produce server-based reports. Power BI is used to produce both cloud-based and server-based reports.
Data dependency SSRS can work with structure and semi-structure of information. Power BI can manage structured and unstructured data. It can save the data in Excel.
Accessibility It can access to web and Desktop. Power BI can utilize through the web, desktop, and mobile applications.
Component SSRS is an enterprise visualization tool based on old technologies. Power BI is an HTML5 open source app-enabled and cloud-enabled SAAS.
Nature SSRS is less user-friendly because it focuses more on a programming interface. Power BI is more user-friendly because of its rich graphical user interface and drag and drop capability.
Implementation Implementation of SSRS is complex. Power BI uses cloud storage and simple implementation process.
Size limit No limit for the size of a data set in SSRS. Power BI has a limit of 1GB data in the free version. And you can create multiple datasets in it.
Occurrence SSRS has a lot of presence, but now Power BI has more presence. Power BI is emerging and replacing SSRS.


Here are some main reasons to choose SSRS, such as:

  • It allows for more accurate and better decision making mechanism for the users.
  • It allows us to interact with information without involving any IT professionals.
  • It provides a host of security features.

Why Power BI

Here are some benefits of using the Power BI, such as:

  • In Power BI, you can process a large amount of data.
  • It helps you in transforming your enterprise data into the rich visuals.
  • It can be embedded into your custom apps.

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