Radar Chart in Excel

In this Excel tutorial you will teach yourself how to insert and format Radar Chart (also known as Spider chart) It is impossible to insert radar chart without data, so for the success of inserting the radar chart, we are going to start with outlaying the data.

Your data can look like this:. This is simple sales table data of phones, online, email, office and shop.


How to insert Spider Chart?

You must mark all the data, in this case I am marking cells from A3 to E8.

marked data

Click on insert (1), and then on radar symbol (2), and one of the radar charts (3).

ribbon insert radar chart

Our Radar Chart:

radar chart example

How to read Spider Chart?

As you may noticed Radar Chart does not like the regular Excel chart. You need to know how to read spider chart.

  • each corner of the spider chart represents different category of sells
  • webs (lines) represent weekly values
  • the further from the center of the chart the higher sales

Advantages of Radar Chart

There are a few exceptional advantages of radar charts which you may consider during the data type choose for your data:

  • radar chart is excellent to compare two different webs of values (eg. features of two different products)
  • can show many information for 2-4 different categories and still remain informative
  • this is very well chart to make the decision between two-four different set of values

I used to play manager computer games and remember to use radar chart to decide which football player to buy.

sprider chart footballer skills

In this situation green web looks much better. His Defending, Speed, Vision, Attacking skills are better than in blue web. Skills of blue footballer you may consider only if you need Aerial skills of from other causes not visible in the chart (price age etc.).

The same you will see when you will compare products to advertise, companies to merge or employee to promote using Spider Chart.


You can download the Template here – Download
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