How To Insert Degree Symbol In Excel

In this Excel tutorial you will teach yourself how to insert degree symbol in your spreadsheet.

There are various ways to insert degree symbol.

Inserting Symbol

Go to Ribbon to the Insert tab. Click Symbol button.

ribbon insert symbol

There are plenty of symbols. From Subset choose Superscripts and Subscripts. Degree symbol will be available in the middle of the screen.

Insert Degree Symbol

Inserting Equation

Go to Ribbon to the Insert tab. Click Equation button. Expand the list of Symbols and choose Basic Math. Degree symbol will be available in the second line.

insert equation degree symbol

Insert character code

You can also insert degree symbol in Excel by using Character Map Windows application or character code. Just open Character Map, find degree symbol and copy it. Then you can paste it to your Excel spreadsheet.

Note: char keyboard shortcut for degree symbol is ALT + 0176 (using numeric keypad only).

charmap degree symbol

Create a custom number format

The last way to insert degree symbol is to create custom number format. To do that just click CTRL + 1 keyboard shortcut. Next go to custom category and paste degree symbol from character map there.

custom number format

I used more fancy format 0.0°F meaning it will format the content of cell with the numbers for Fahrenheit temperature.

Use CHAR Excel function

It is enough to insert degree symbol by using CHAR function. The formula for degree symbol is =CHAR(176)

temperature with degree symbol

In this example the formula is =B2&CHAR(176)


You can download the Template here – Download
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