How To Protect Excel Files

In this lesson you can learn how to protect Excel files.

Protecting files in Excel is very important. It may happen that the results of your work will be destroyed. To avoid this, you need to know how to protect files in Excel.

Excel how to protect file Excel Protect Share Workbook

Each file in Excel, you can password protect. It is also possible to protect the sheet so that nobody can change it. Lets learn how to do it.

File Password Protection

First, let’s learn how to secure the opening of the file. This will be possible only after entering the password, which you will establish. Go to the Ribbon. Click Review, then click Protect and Share Workbook.

Excel how to protect Excel file Protect Workbook

A window appears where you can enter a password. Preferably such that no one will be able to easily guess.

Excel how to protect Excel file Protect Shared Workbook password

After entering the password, confirm it again.

Excel how to protect Excel file Confirm Password

Now to open the file you will need a password. A very important issue is to remember your password. Without it, we do not open the file.

Protecting a worksheet

Another possibility is to protect the sheet. It allows you to open the file it is true by others, but does not allow to make changes. In order to protect the sheet entering the Excel ribbon and further Review and select Protect Sheet.

Protect Sheet

In a next step, enter the password. Select also the extent to which a sheet is to be protected.

Protect Sheet password

Since now anyone who wants to modify the worksheet, you will see this message:

Microsoft Excel password protection

Without the removal of protection in the Review tab and enter the password, edit the file will not be possible. I wish you all secure work in Excel!


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