Excel Functions

In this lesson you can learn basic information’s about functions in Excel.Functions in Excel run by clicking on the icon Insert Function.Excel functions insert function button 

There are several ways to find the interesting feature in the Search function you can type the name of the function (if you know it) or one word, what function should do.


Excel functions Insert Function dialog box


You can also choose the category you can find us an interesting feature, for example Financial functions.


Excel functions Insert Function Financial


Clicking on the name of the function in the window Select a function under the list of names we see a description of the function. In many cases, this description allows us to understand, for what that function is.


Excel functions Insert Function sum function


After selecting a function (in the example below SUM function), a dialog box Function Arguments appears. Type cell addresses to the first pane, below displays the current result of the function (if possible the calculation). Provided it is already known a description of the function and even below a description of the argument and what function do with them.


Excel functions Function Arguments sum function


There are basic information, which you must know. More you will find in this webpage


You can download the Template here – Download
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