How to Convert Word documents to Excel

You will easily convert Word document to Excel, with a simple method – copy and paste. This is converting, because you are “exporting” your file from Word to Excel.

You should have content on word that is suitable for Microsoft Excel.


Click on it, press CTRL+A, and then CTRL+C.


Go to Microsoft Excel to choose the same quantity of cells as in Word. ex. 4 columns and six rows.


Right click on the marked area (1), and choose paste special (2).

paste special

Click on text (1), and ok (2).


Note: If it does not work, click on text (1) twice.

Click on Home (1), then Format (2), and choose format cell (3).

column width ribbon

Write column width, and click ok.

set column width

Right click on marked area (1), and choose format cells (2).

format cells

Choose alignment (1), check wrap text (2), and ok (3).


Note: You can just wrap text on the home tab after marking the whole columns. Wrapping your text put all texts inside respective columns.


You can download the Template here – Download
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