How To Set Up The Bisection Method In Excel

The setup of the bisection method is about doing a specific task in Excel. We are going to find the root of a given function, with bisection method.

Present the function, and two possible roots.

two possible roots

Make some assumptions.


Place three different roots beside the guesses.

three roots

Beside F(c), type Error.


Decide the value that should be the accurate beside Error.


The cell Under f(a) (1), type in

=2*exp(a6)-5*a6+2 (2).


Note: The 2 in front of the formula in this step is the one we placed on the beginning.

Drag the small square from f(a) to f(c).

drag square

Click on the cell below error, type =ABS(B6), then press enter.

abs function

Click under the cell with 3 in it (1), and type in

=IF (G6=3;1(true);0(false)) (2), and then press enter.

if function

Mark the row with values in it.

mark row

Click on the small square showing on the right low corner, and keep dragging it down until the value under 3 stably show 1.

drag down

Bisection method is set up.


You can download the Template here – Download
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