How to Insert Average Line in a Chart

We are going to learn how to insert average line into a chart.

First look at this table:


Click on the average column. Use Excel average function for calculations.

Type in

=AVERAGE(all cells in the total column ex. $B$2:$B$22) and click enter.

average formula

Double click on the small square to automatically drag it down to match other columns.
drag down formula

Select all the data, and create the chart by clicking on insert tab (1), and 2D-Bar chart (2).

insert chart

Click on each series (1), and press delete on all series, except total and average.

delete series

Right click on the average series (1), and choose change chart type (2).

change series chart type

Choose combo (1), and change the average chart to line (2). Finally, click ok.

combo chart

Note: You can choose another type of line, and write the title of chart.


You can download the Template here – Download
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