How To Calculate Antilog In Excel?

In this Excel tutorial you will teach yourself how to handle antilog in Excel.

What is antilog?

Sometimes to show is better than to describe. Here is the equation which will show you what is antilog.

antilogxY = Xy

I hope you understand now.


How to calculate antilog in Excel?


There are different types types logarithms in Excel. To calculate antilog you need to calculate the opposite of the logarithm calculations.

Natural logarithm


Antilog of natural logarithm


Antilog ln formula is =EXP(B2) in my example.

So to calculate antilog of natural logarithm you need to calculate the power of the number.

Log base 10


Antilog of log 10



Antilog log10 formula is =10^B5 in my example.

To calculate the inverse of log base 10 you need to power 10 to the base of result of log10




Antilog log formula is =B9^B5 in my example.

To get antilog og logarithm to need to power base to the result.


Excel antilog


As you can see in every example calculations work because antilog is equal to the number.


You can download the Template here – Download
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