Display Data as Percentage of Total in Pivot Table

In this lesson you will learn how to display pivot table data as percentage of total. It is really easy and it might be helpful for you.


1. Open your pivot table sheet and click anywhere in the pivot table. (Or right click and click on show field settings)percentage data2. When you click in the pivot table, you will see a pivot table field options on the right side of the screen.

3. Go to the value box and click on sum of quantity and then on value field setting.

4. A dialog box will appear. Click on the tab Show Value As.

Show values as

5. Click the drop down menu of Show Values As.In this menu select whatever percentage you want to select.

Show values as drop-down list

6. Final result will be like this:

pivot table values as percentage

You can notice that data is being shown as a percentage of total in your pivot table.

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