How to Create Rolling 6 Months Average in Excel

It is easy to create a rolling 6 months average with Excel. But, there are different steps you’d need to follow, and we will do it together.

But first you need the data for those six months, and this is something like this:

table data

Click on an empty cell (1), and type

=AVERAGE($C$3:$C$3) (2), then press enter.

average formula

Click on cell D4 (1), then write

=AVERAGE($C$3:$C$4), and press enter.

average march

Note: Follow this step on the rest using $C$3:$C$5 (April), $C$3:$C$6 (May), $C$3:$C$7 (June), and $C$3:$C$8 (July).

In conclusion, the steps we just followed is the moving average for the last six months. You can even use the result to create a chart, or as you wish.


You can download the Template here – Download
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