How To Set Time In Milliseconds In Excel

When formatting time from hours and seconds, to more advanced format like, we should do it in a step-by-step format.

Click on an empty cell.

empty cell



time formula

Right click on the result (1), and choose format cell (2).

format cells

Choose custom (1), write hh(tt in this case):mm:ss,000;@ in the field under type (2), and press ok (3).

custom format cells

The Time format would now look like this:

milliseconds cell format

By the way there are:

  • 60 000 milliseconds in a minute,
  • 3 600 000 in hour
  • 86 400 000 milliseconds in a day,
  • 604 800 000 milliseconds in a week,
  • 2.62974383 × 109 in a month,
  • 3.1556926 × 1010 milliseconds in a year.


You can download the Template here – Download
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