File Recovery In Excel

In this lesson you can learn how not to loose your workbook because of breakdown.


Have you ever wondered what happens if you have not saved file, and Excel would suddenly be turned off?

Change AutoRecover settings

First, see where you can change Auto Recover settings. On the ribbon in Excel, click on the File and select Options. You get the following dialog box.

auto file recovery Excel Options

In the Save tab, you see an option which lets you set Auto Recover frequency of sending information. The smaller the number of minutes you set, the fresher the file will be able to recover. In short we can say that the greater the number of minutes will be set, the more work in the event of failure of Excel you can lose.

auto file recovery Excel Options auto recover frequency

Recovering Excel files after crash

Now that Excel is closed, is now the priority is to regain our work. In this situation at all costs to recover the file. Excel is closed. Open Excel again. On the left side of the window shows the information about the recovery of documents like the picture below.

Recovery Crash

There is a file name that you can recover. Click on the file and click Open.

Recovery Crash Open

The recovered file will open. Now, as soon as possible save (keyboard shortcut Ctrl + S) recovered document.

Hurrah! You managed to recover the lost document.

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