How To Calculate Length Of Service In Excel

The calculation of length of services in Excel can consume a lot of energy, but we will do it together at ease.

1. Write the dates the employee starts, and the ending date. You should click on the column (1), and type in the date (2). Repeat the 1 & 2 on all employees.

Length of Service DATE

Note: It is recommended that you put employee’s names on column A, to know how long an employee has worked in the company.

2. Click on the column (1), type in =DATEDIF(A2:B2,”y”)&”Year,”&DATEDIF(A2:B2,”ym”)&”months” (2), and hit enter.

Length of Service DATEDIF

Note: You can replace the cells with any other cells ex. D2:E2.


You can download the Template here – Download
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